When clients turn to Wallbrook, they find an international team of professionals with a global perspective, whose world class research skills, varied backgrounds and unique experience ensure they can navigate the complex challenges of pre-acquisition diligence anywhere in the world.

M&A diligence

Almost every deal crosses borders. Distribution partners, international supply chains, and foreign management or owners bring compliance and other risks that deal teams need to understand quickly. Integrity due diligence is now an essential part of any international transaction. We work with many of the world’s most successful private equity and strategic investors and their advisors to help them understand the target company and management team fast.

Wallbrook teams are integrated into our clients’ transaction process and have a unique understanding of the compliance risks of a wide variety of sectors. We deliver deal-driven intelligence that often surfaces issues which cut straight to the value of a transaction. Our reports and methodology, and the analysts that sit behind them, have withstood some of the most rigorous regulatory scrutiny.

We are focused almost exclusively on supporting investors active in emerging markets, especially in sectors where political connectivity and corruption risk are highest. Wallbrook’s analysts are organised around both regional and sector expertise, ensuring insight into corruption trends, identifying conflicts of interests or political influence, and understanding common offshore structures to unravel beneficial ownership or hidden control.