Human rights matter. We help our clients ensure they invest in businesses and maintain supply chains that are free from abuse.

More than ever, consumers are concerned with how food is grown, goods are sourced and manufactured, and buildings and infrastructure are constructed. They increasingly demand businesses to respect rights. So too do regulators: in recent years governments in Europe and North America have introduced laws in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. These require public reporting on human rights risk in supply chains and how businesses are addressing these concerns, with those who fail to act facing regulatory action and reputational damage.

Our team is passionate about helping clients meet their responsibility to prevent human rights violations across their operations. We equip businesses with the tools and know-how to mitigate counterparty risks ranging from labour rights in construction to child abuse in farming. With backgrounds in law, advocacy and human rights compliance, our regional specialists bring a nuanced and contextualised diligence perspective to our work with businesses and others serious about preventing human rights abuse.

We conduct extensive human rights risk assessments to help clients identify and address any potential risk exposure throughout their operations and business relationships. Once mitigation measures are in place, our experts assist clients in monitoring particular suppliers, contractors and other high risk actors, and anticipating the response of state and civil society stakeholders.