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Anthony Etchells

Partner & COO, London

Ant is a Partner of Wallbrook and our Chief Operating Officer. He oversees our international operations, with a particular focus on our data privacy and protection.

An Arabist by training, Ant studied in the UK and Syria before starting as an Analyst with Billiter. He focused on Middle Eastern investigations, ranging from quick turnaround red flag screening through to sensitive cross-border disputes. He has particular experience in mapping the private interests of the Gulf’s royals and business families, and exploring the risks that such relationships can pose.

Ant was part of the Billiter team that in 2013 was acquired by Stroz Friedberg and became its Due Diligence and Strategic Research unit. While continuing to support the MENA group he went on to manage DDSR’s global open-source intelligence practice, managing relationships with multinational banks, corporates, and law firms, and running teams producing thousands of anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and reputational screens for them per year. Latterly he worked with senior compliance executives at such clients, helping them meet their regulatory responsibilities and advising on their programmes. This combination of research expertise, client insight and regulatory exposure saw Ant develop specialist expertise in privacy issues within due diligence, and he led the group’s GDPR assessment ahead of its implementation in May 2018.

Ant brings this experience to his role as our COO – coordinating our regional operations and practice areas, driving our growth and implementing our robust data protection and privacy programme.

He holds a bachelor’s in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Durham, and a master’s in International Relations from the University of Manchester. He speaks Arabic.