We make local knowledge globally accessible.

When business was local, due diligence was simple. We were all part of the same community, speaking the same language. Today companies operate in diverse markets, with varying transparency. Establishing a counterparty's background has never been more complex, nor the risks greater. Governments crack down on corruption. Terrorist financing, organised crime and money-laundering spill across borders. An ever-growing web of sanctions places partners off-limits or encourages hidden ownership and influence. Investigative journalists shame companies and publish offshore data.

By acquiring the best expertise and compliance technologies, Wallbrook rapidly harnesses information from local registries and public records, global media and human intelligence to provide discreet insights to decision-makers around the world. Whether screening prospective acquisition targets, management teams and executive hires, unpacking partners' beneficial ownership for sanctions and political exposure, or understanding sector and country risks, the world’s leading organizations turn to us.

A Russian client is rarely just a Russian client

“Probably the largest ever money-laundering scandal in history” is how the Guardian described…

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Vietnam: finally catching tigers and flies

The Vietnamese state finally answers its people’s call for a corruption-free leadership…

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