Risks in new regional markets begin at the country level. Our reports cover the issues that affect you.

Country risk 

When leading organisations expand into new markets, they turn to Wallbrook for country risk reporting. We base our products on our in-house qualitative methodology, which we tailor to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our team has advised all types of clients on country risk, including leading private wealth managers, hotel developers, pharmaceutical companies, energy firms and governments. We provide an overview of the type of issues we cover below.

Political and economic risks

Political and economic risks feed into all the other threats present in the country. Non-transparent politics fuel corruption. Economic instability feeds civil unrest. We analyse these risks, and their relevance to your sector, through expert reporting and scenarios forecasting.

Security Risks

Security risks are in many cases the most tangible type of risk to evaluate. From crime, to political violence, to the capabilities of first responders, we provide an overview of threats to foreign businesspeople in the country, tailored to the area where your operations are going to be concentrated.

Compliance and Reputational Risks

Bribery and organised crime affect each country differently, with specific patterns. Same for money laundering, terrorism financing, counterfeiting and other perils. With our institutional knowledge built up from due diligence reporting on thousands of companies across the world, we help you understand the integrity risks of a given country. This includes a cheat sheet of local "red flags" to look for when considering potential partners.