A judgment is only valuable if you can enforce it. We help clients identify, trace and recover assets around the world.

Asset Tracing

From combing obscure databases and leaks of offshore corporate filings, to providing on-the-ground investigative support and site visits, we use all the tools at our disposal to provide clients with actionable intelligence during litigation or when investigating potential wrongdoing.

Wealthy individuals invariably have widely dispersed networks of global assets and interests. Our expert multilingual analysts and corporate researchers know what information is publicly available in each jurisdiction and how to access that data legally. Whether available online or in-country, we can access corporate, property and other official records in order to better understand the extent of a subject’s recoverable assets. Key to our offering is our cross-border knowledge of the processes required to identify and obtain information on assets including businesses, property, accounts and movable assets such as private jets, yachts, racehorses, cars, jewels and art. We understand the time and human pressures in supporting ongoing litigation or running complex internal investigations. We provide clients with bespoke proposals, allowing us to be time efficient and fee transparent.